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African Chicken Soup

By January 20, 2011No Comments

Okay, so this African Soup with strange ingredients like peanut butter, tomatoes, rice, potatoes, peppers, etc. ended up being the saving grace to my week’s meal plans. My family ate it and loved it the other night for dinner, we all ate it for lunch the next day, and then for dinner last night I still had leftovers (it makes a lot!). So..I started thinking and realized this soup has a suspicious likeness to one of my favorite meals which is Coconut Chicken Curry. I realized that my leftovers could magically be transformed with two ingredients into a completely different dish for dinner. As the soup sat in the pot for 2 days the potatoes and chicken soaked up most of the sauce so it was fairly thick. All I had to do was warm the leftovers of this soup in a pan and added a 1/2 can of coconut milk and about 1-1 1/2 t. yellow curry powder. Serve this new sauce over sticky rice and voila, you are now on a taste bud adventure from Africa to India. Who knew dinner could be so fun? One more reason to try this soup 😉 Enjoy!

Complete your meal with traditional Indian Naan Bread–deeeelish!

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