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Raspberry Peach Cobbler

By September 17, 2012No Comments

It is officially peach & raspberry season and if you have a peach tree you are probably looking for ways to use your peaches like I am. This week I am excited to share several new & delicious recipes that use fresh peaches & raspberries. These desserts are perfect to kick off the fall season and would go great for any upcoming events you may have. We are getting ready for our annual Fall-Kick Off party and I’m thinking of making this cobbler this weekend. The crunchy topping along with the smooth peaches and slightly tart raspberries made for a scrumptious combination! Throw on some vanilla ice cream on the warm cobbler and you have a match made in heaven!

[buymeapie-recipe id=’783′]

 Here are some of my other favorite peach recipes that I blogged about in years past:

*Peaches & Cream Cheesecake Bars (oh my heavens, YUM!!!)
*Homemade Peach Jam & Bottled Peaches
*Peach Cake with White Chocolate Mousse
*Brown Sugar Crumb Peach Crisp