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Tres Leche Cake with Strawberry Topping

By May 1, 2013No Comments

 The other night my family and friends got together to watch a video we put together of our trip to Mexico. It’s a tradition that when we get home from a trip we all get together to eat the food we enjoyed on our trip. One of my favorite desserts in Mexico was Tres Leche Cake. The one in Mexico had almost a meringue frosting which was really fun and different but I couldn’t find that recipe anywhere. So…I went for the next best thing and I found a recipe from America’s Test Kitchen. You can’t go wrong with any of their recipes and it was amazing! The only thing I found is the milk mixture made a lot! I love soft, moist cake but I was afraid it would turn soggy, so I reserved about 1/2 cup of the sauce and the cake was perfect! If you’re not afraid of a lot of moisture, use it all. The other thing I added was in Mexico they would serve their Tres Leche with a fresh fruit topping. I loved this part! It gave the cake a little more dimension and added a little tang of flavor. If you don’t have time to make a fresh fruit sauce, just use homemade jam or mashed berries. With the fresh strawberries on top, this dessert is perfect for any spring/summer get together!

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