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What service does Deals to Meals offer?

Deals to Meals offers FREE grocery deal comparisons for people all over the United States. Simply set up a free account, choose your grocery store(s) you’d like to shop at and begin seeing the best deals in your area. Print, create a shopping list or login on your phone to help you save $100’s each week.

Who started Deals to Meals?

Shandra is the owner and founder of Deals to Meals. Deals to Meals started back in 2007 when Shandra was teaching cooking and meal planning classes all over her home state. She realized people needed help learning how to efficiently meal plan and grocery shop. For the past 14 years, she has helped families save money on groceries, learn to meal plan and stock up their food storage for difficult days ahead. This is her passion and is proud of the work offered here on her website.

How are the grocery deals ranked to know what's a good deal?

We have been comparing grocery deals for nearly 2 decades. When a grocery item goes on sale for the same price or less than Walmart, Costco or Sam’s Club, we mark this deal as a ‘great’ (red) deal. When a grocery item is a super low price (much less than boxed stores), we highlight this deal with a gold star so you know it’s an item to stock up on. All other deals listed could be found for less at your regular grocery store and should only be purchased if necessary.

How does your Meal Planner work?

We have partnered with an amazing meal planning app called PrePear. All of our recipes, weekly meal planner and information is stored on this app. We chose to do this to allow for a more simplified and easy meal planning experience. All you have to do is sign up for the Deals to Meals Meal Plan, create an account and have access to all of our meal plans on your favorite devices. You can even send your grocery list directly to Walmart to make your shopping experience easy & fun!

What is your Chef Program and Cooking Classes about?

We have taken our love for food and our love for cooking and combined them in one place. Deals to Meals now offers virtual and in person cooking classes for children and adults of all ages.  We will be expanding this service over the next few years and hope this becomes your ‘go-to’ cooking resource.

Who can be an in-home chef?

If you love cooking, love having people in your home and want to mentor people of all ages, you should join our team! Our Chef Program offers organized cooking class outlines for you to teach in your own home. We also help advertise, schedule and take payments for your cooking classes. Starting your own business has never been so easy! Check out our Chef’s Page to get information on how you can start teaching TODAY.