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Let us help you learn to cook with the delicious items you are storing in your food storage. Cooking with fresh and healthy freeze dried food makes meal prep easy and fun. More recipes coming each week!

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Shandra’s Thrive Life Experience

After 20+ years of teaching people around the world about saving on groceries, meal planning and food storage/preparedness, I have finally found a product that has changed my life. That sounds pretty dramatic, but it’s true. Believe me I was probably the most skeptical of anyone. Thrive Life Products have changed the way I store food, the way I meal plan and the way I feed my family. Here are a few of the reasons why I am sharing Thrive Life Products with you.

  • Quality: Thrive Life quality and taste is unparalleled. Believe me, I have one of the most picky palates out there. This is not the freeze dried food of the past. This is REAL food with REAL flavor and REAL vitamins and nutrients.
  • Healthy: Thrive Life’s Nutrilock technology provides your family with the very highest in quality and nutrients.
  • Variety: Adding healthy fruits, vegetables and proteins to my long term food storage is essential to our way of life and healthy living.
  • Simple Meals: Stop stressing about what’s for dinner. With freeze dried food in your pantry you can put a healthy, warm meal on the table in just a few minutes!
  • Save Money: Buying these items in bulk (through one of our Bulk Order Consultants) will get you the product at the VERY lowest prices possible. Buy through our consultants in your local area to save you the most money.
  • Free Product: I get paid sharing the product I love, and so can you! Check out this link to see how you can share Thrive Life products with your friends and family.
Monthly Thrive Life
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Save 20-30% off on Thrive Life’s Monthly Specials! Stock up while prices are low. Buy from our Bulk Order Consultants to save an additional 10-25% on these sale items. Here’s what’s on sale this month:

  • Celebrate summer with some fresh and delicious FAVORITE items on sale!
  • Let’s talk berries people?! ALL of Thrive’s most delicious berries are on sale this month: Strawberries, Raspberries & Blackberries.
  • Eat these berries as a healthy, delicious snack or use in baking recipes, desserts, smoothies and much more!
  • Thrive’s Shredded Beef is one of our favorite meat products that they sale. Make pulled beef sandwiches, enjoy in tacos, burritos or on salads. No matter how you serve this beef you will LOVE it!
  • Onions and red bell peppers are a staple in most meal plans. Stock up and get fresh onions and peppers that will last 30 years. A great time to add fresh and delicious options to your storage.

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Our Very Favorite
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Check out our homemade & delicious recipes using common stock-up items in your pantry.

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Creamy Tomato Chicken Stroganoff

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Favorite Thrive Recipes for June Sales

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