This Week’s Best Deals

Holiday shopping is the BEST time to stock up on everything baking and holiday related. Items like flour, sugar, brown sugar, powdered sugar, ham, turkey, evaporated milk, marshmallows, canned vegetables, canned pumpkin and SO much more! Focus on those red/gold items on sale to save you the most money each week. Tell your friends and family so we can continue to offer these services for FREE!

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How it Works

1-Choose your state
2-Select the store(s) you want to shop at
3-Focus on the Red & Gold deals to save the most money
4-Stock up on the Gold deals & add to your pantry/food storage
5-Share the deals with your friends & family

Save Money

With Our Weekly Meal Planner

Turn your Deals into Meals with this week’s meal planner on the Prepear App. We take the best deals from the local grocery stores and put those ingredients into recipes for your week’s meal plan. Check it out at Prepear and save BIG money!

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How it Works

1-Go to the meal planning app Prepear
2-Sign up for Deals to Meals Weekly Meal Planner
3-Choose the meals you want to make that are based around sales
4-Use your digital shopping list to make shopping easy
5-Save time and money turning the weekly deals into meals

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