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Apple Pie Filling

By October 12, 2009No Comments

One of my favorite things about fall are sweet, crisp, apples. My all time favorite apple is the Jonathan Apple. It is crisp, a little tart, and has the perfect texture for pies, cobblers, and for eating plain. We planted a jonathan apple tree four years ago, but for some reason only get about 5-10 apples per year. In the mean time my grandma has a tree that is producing like crazy and so she gave me four big bags full of apples. Yippee!

So, what do I do with my apples, besides eat them?? Apple Pie Filling! YUM! If you have one of the fancy-dancy apple corer-peeler’s from Pampered Chef (or wherever else they sell them), you will LOVE making pie filling. In about 4-5 hours I was able to bottle and can over 30 jars of apple pie filling. This pie filling is perfect for apple pie (Thanksgiving here we come!), apple cobbler, over pancakes (this is awesome with German Pancakes or w/ our Apple Wheat Pancake recipe), or inside of crepes. There are so many uses for pie filling, once you can them and have them on your shelf, the possibilities will be endless!


[buymeapie-recipe id=’710′] 

**Check the comment section of this post that will give you guidelines and rules for ‘approved’ bottling recipes and processing times. I am not claiming to be a canning expert, so check the link NCHFP: if you would like an ‘official’ and approved recipe. I just know what I have done for 10 years, that has worked so far 🙂

Jonathan Apple

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