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Can you believe it is coming up on the holiday season once again? Is it me, or is time flying by more quickly than ever before? I can’t believe I am posting about pumpkin and baking sales already. Crazy!’s that time again for you to begin stocking your pantries and food storage with your favorite baking items. Today I had a ‘sweet’ grocery shopping trip and bought over 30 lbs. of chocolate chips. Now that was fun! I spent nearly $100 and came home with some awesome deals on baking items I was running low on. Can you believe I did not have one, solitary morsel of milk chocolate in my home until I went shopping today. That was scary..what if something happened and I had no chocolate? That would be a very sad day! I feel better now with my chocolate supply is back up to par 😉

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Along with my baking deals, I spent $98 and got all of the produce and meat I needed to make my 2 week meal plan. I love price matching, have I told you that before? It is SO fun to go to one store and get all of the items I need for my 2 week meal plan without any hassle. It is so easy to print off the grocery list from our website and know exactly what I need for 7 delicious homemade meals. I added a few recipes I wanted to make from last week’s meal plan and here is what my meal planner will look like for the next two weeks (ALL for under $100…SO totally cool!)

*Buffalo Po Boys (recipe below..LOVED them tonight!!)
*Coconut Curry Chicken & Rice (a staple..I could eat this meal every night)
*Chicken Reuben Sandwiches
*Red Chile Chicken Enchiladas
*Buttermilk Chicken & Mashed Potatoes
*Santa Rosa Chicken with Queso Sauce
*Broccoli Cheese Soup
*Turkey Provolone Melts
*Chicken Souvlaki Burgers (a Rachel Ray recipe I am dying to try!)
*Baked Ziti
*Balsamic Glazed Pork
*Turkey Avocado SandwichesI have to share with you this recipe. I got the idea for these Po Boy’s from Paula Deen and they were so incredibly flavorful and yummy, I had to share them with you. I am a sucker for buffalo sauce and a cool creamy dressing–the combination is a favorite of mine. If you need a quick dinner idea, this one is a new found favorite.


[buymeapie-recipe id=’673′] 

(Not a great picture, but you can see how simple this sandwich is to put together…chicken, sauce, tomatoes and lettuce. Grill your chicken for a low fat version of this sandwich. Enjoy!)

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