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With the crazy holiday season I am always up for a quick meal I can throw in the oven in less than a half hour. I saw a version of this Chicken Tortilla Pie on a blog the other day and it looked intriguing. I loved the idea of the tortillas used as the bottom and top crust of the pie. So much healthier than a traditional buttery crust. I also loved the spinach, cheesy, chicken mixture. I used the frozen chicken from my freezer and had this dinner in the oven in less than 15 minutes. You could even omit the chicken and add more spinach if you want more of meatless meal. This dish was a big hit with my entire family. Even my pickiest eater had three helpings. We were all shocked–especially with the spinach floating throughout the pie 🙂 I hope you are having a wonderful Christmas season and enjoy the last few days of prepping.

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