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Coconut oil seems to be the newest and greatest health trend going around these past few months. Many people claim coconut oil is a ‘healthy’ oil, compared to some processed oils like canola and vegetable. I’m not sure I believe all of the health benefits of coconut oil but I have to admit besides the health aspects I happen to love the flavor of the coconut. I haven’t branched out into cooking with coconut oil, but this oil is amazing in my homemade granola recipe! It gives an added slight coconut flavor that goes perfectly with the shredded coconut, the cashews, almonds and the nutty oats. If you happen to have purchased a large container of coconut oil and are trying to figure out what to do with it, this granola is the perfect option for you! I double this recipe and keep a ziploc bag of it in my car for those times I need a ‘healthier’ snack without all of the processed fats and preservatives. You can also just add milk and eat it for breakfast or serve over granola or even ice cream. It’s great no matter how you serve it!

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