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CopyCat Little America’s Bran Muffins with Caramel Glaze

By January 27, 2014No Comments

A few weeks ago I told you about an anniversary getaway my husband and I went on. We went to a hotel that had a buffet that served the most amazing bran  muffins I have EVER had. Sounds strange that a bran muffin could be one of my favorite aspects of their breakfast buffet, but they really were that incredible. They were moist, there was not big chunks of bran, they were just sweet enough and they were topped with a delightful caramel glaze. When I came home I searched the web and could not find any copy cat recipes out there. I decided I would have to put a few of my favorite muffin recipes together and I was so happy when they turned out just perfect. I used a recipe for Mimi’s Bran Muffins that gave me a few tips to making the muffins moist and I am now sold to pureed raisins in muffins. What a novel idea, but it makes them SO much more moist and soft than a regular bran muffin. These muffins also have pureed carrots and lots of healthy whole grains like oats, wheat and bran. I made 24 muffins and by 1:00 in the afternoon my children had eaten them all gone. I will be making another batch a.s.a.p and enjoying them for breakfast all week. Love at first bite!!

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