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Save Lives

We are excited to join Rafiki Outreach’s cause to bring clean water to rural areas all over Africa. Rafiki’s goal is to make clean water accessible to families, villages and communities to help people live healthier, happier lives. Consider donating and helping to change the world!

Join Us

My daughter, as well as an amazing group of young adults, had the life changing opportunity to drill a water well in a rural village in Kenya, Africa. They worked with Rafiki Outreach to raise money to purchase a drill that can affordably drill for fresh water in remote areas all over the world. The use of this drill costs MUCH less than traditional drills and they would love your support in continuing to drill in other areas of Africa. 

Self Reliance

Handouts can be damaging to 3rd world countries. Help us promote self reliance by donating to our interest free well loan program or by sponsoring a well. Interest free loans provide communities the opportunity to bring clean water sources to their communities without creating dependency. 


Clean Water

Even though clean water might only be 50 meters beneath their feet, it is not uncommon for men, women and children to walk upwards of 3 miles to collect and carry water from contaminated sources. Not just once, but multiple times a day. Help Rafiki bring clean water to EVERY remote village in Africa! 

Every Donation Helps

Did you know that a donation of only $10 can help one person have access to a clean water source for an entire year? Every small donation helps and you can feel confident that every penny of your donation goes directly to the drilling of fresh water in these rural areas. 

Healthier Living

Join us in helping communities have clean water so the African people can experience better sanitation and hygiene, more time available to attend school and the ability to work increases. Communities thrive and become one step closer to healthier living and eradicating poverty. 

Follow Us

Follow Rafiki Outreach on Instagram @rafikioutreach and on Facebook. Email them with questions to You can also give Rafiki Outreach a call if you would like to join in this important effort 801-547-7847.

FREE $10 Donation

The amazing owners of the Money Insights Podcast are donating $10 for every 5 star rating they receive. Take 30 seconds, leave a 5 star rating and they will send $10 to Rafiki Outreach that will go towards the purchase of a drilling project in Africa. They are donating up to $10,000 so we need your help spreading the word to get 1,000 5 star ratings. 

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