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French Silk Chocolate Pie

By November 17, 2011October 31st, 2022No Comments

There are certain pies that ‘must’ be at my Thanksgiving table. Pumpkin pie (that’s a no brainer) and French Silk. This might not be your typical pie served, but it is so incredibly fabulous that I can’t imagine a turkey-day without it! The texture is heavenly and smooth and the richness of the chocolate and the whipping cream all melts in your mouth into one heavenly bite. Add the texture and flavor of the buttery crust and you have an irresistible combination. The only sad part about making this pie is it seems to disappear too quickly! I made this pie the other night and I saved the last (precious) piece in my fridge for breakfast the next morning (I told you it was good!). To my horror my 10 year old son woke up early, found the piece hiding in the back of the fridge, and ate it. AH! I swear he has mom-dessert radar. Hopefully he will think twice before he eats another one of my last morsels again. He got garbage and dish duty the entire day for that nasty trick he played on me! I guess I will have to make a pie all for myself again next week 😉


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