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Garlic Ranch Cheddar Rolls

By January 28, 2015No Comments



Hope you are having a great week this week! Here in Utah we all have spring fever a little prematurely. We have been loving 50 degree weather and I realized this warm weather is totally changing the way I normally eat in the winter. With warm weather we are eating more salads, cooler dishes and are even frequenting our grill. So bizarre! However, the other night, even though it was a little warmer than normal, I decided to make a batch of Homemade Chili and rolls. I love homemade rolls. I love the way they smell while they are cooking, and I love biting into a hot roll that has been covered in melted butter. Yum! Dip a yummy roll in your favorite soup and no matter what the weather is like, you will LOVE these rolls. What is there not to love about garlic, ranch and cheese together? These simple additions to a traditional roll recipe, takes these over the top and they make the perfect side dish to any meal. Hope you enjoy 🙂

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