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German Chocolate Cake

By February 20, 2013No Comments
January and February are the month’s for birthdays and special celebrations in our family. My sister Diana and my brother in law Grady EVERY year request my Mom’s German Chocolate Cake. Not only that, but Diana requests TWO of these cakes. One to share with the family and one for her to enjoy at her own pace. We love that their birthday’s are only two weeks apart so we feel like we are eating German Chocolate cake every other weekend this time of year and we LOVE it!! This year my Mom made one cake for Diana and I made one. I can’t remember making this cake before, but it turned out (amazingly) as good as when my Mom makes it. I always thought the frosting would be much more difficult because it is so incredibly good, but it was super simple! I could pretty much eat this frosting by the gallon. I could take or leave the cake, but this frosting is unreal. It is smooth, sweet, a little salty and totally perfect. If you love German Chocolate cake, don’t hesitate to make the frosting from scratch. You will love it for any of your upcoming birthdays, anniversaries or special occasions. Or..just for any ol’ day of the week you need a little chocolate pick me up. Enjoy 🙂


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