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Homemade Ranch Dressing Mix, Italian Seasoning Mix & Taco Seasoning

By March 1, 2011No Comments

I am SO excited about this post I can hardly stand it! I hope this post will save you as much $$ as it will me. I spent the entire afternoon today playing in my kitchen with spices up to my elbows. I think I have officially solved our problem of ever having to purchase dry seasoning mixes again. Not only dry seasoning mixes, but store bought salad dressings. I think I have come up with three amazing recipes for a homemade ranch dressing mix, Italian dressing mix and homemade taco seasoning (SO much better than store bought). I am so thrilled to share these with you. I calculated that homemade mixes are pennies per ounce compared to the packets you can buy at the store. I hope you enjoy these recipes as much as I have! (These dressing mixes also have the added bonus of being MUCH healthier for you–no MSG, no dextose, maltose, etc., ALL ‘real’ spices and seasonings)

As you can tell from my kitchen counter today, this was quite the undertaking. I had to test and re-test all of the recipes until I think I have them just right. My stomach is chuck full of carrots and dip! (Don’t worry, your kitchen won’t have to look like this, I have done all of the messy work for you 😉

Here are the seasonings that I used today to make up all three of the seasoning/dressing mixes. There are no unusual spices that you probably don’t already have in your pantry. I would recommend making up a large batch of these seasoning mixes (the amounts I have below will fill up a small jar) and then you can use them by the tablespoons as needed. Most of the seasonings I purchased at Walmart or Maceys in their .50-$1 spice section. I have found these most of the time are less per ounce than Costco. If you have a Winco near you, I hear their bulk spices are even less per ounce than these spices, so go stock up on your favorites there. Bulk spices would work perfectly when putting together large amounts of these seasoning mixes.

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