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Lemon Chicken Picatta & 15th Anniversary

By January 14, 2014No Comments

January 2nd is a special day in our family. Fifteen years ago I married my best friend. Celebrating our wedding anniversary around the New Year is such a great way to think about the many wonderful memories of the past year, and the blessing my marriage is to me. I have known Todd since I was six years old and so we are technically celebrating 28 years of being friends. He is such a wonderful, good and loving man I couldn’t be happier to work with him and raise our children together. Every moment we have together is a gift–not that life is always easy but together it makes life worth living.   

For our 15th anniversary we spent a few days in downtown Salt Lake at an old and charming hotel Little America. We had such a great time I can’t help but send a shout-out to everyone about how great their service was, the hotel ambiance and their buffets. Oh my! I am a harsh food critique (to say the least) and Little America serves a breakfast and lunch buffet that is out of this world! Everything was seasoned perfectly and I became a little fanatical about how great the food was. I had a hard time not talking about the food our entire trip. It’s not very often I eat at a place where you walk away thinking…I couldn’t improve on that one bit! Every bite was unreal.  If you are wanting a fun, delicious, romantic get-away I would suggest this darling hotel. The raspberry crepes, bran muffins, breaded halibut and teriyaki salmon are calling my name! I might just have to go back more often than yearly. YUM!  Thanks Todd for an amazing life and weekend together. Love you!

Now, onto the Lemon Chicken Picatta which was as lovely and amazing as my husband 😉 Okay, he’s much better than picatta, but this recipe is incredible! On our Anniversary we happened to go to Christopher’s Steak House and I ordered their Chicken Picatta. It was extremely delicious but the fact it was $30 a plate was crazy! Thankfully we had a coupon but it was killing me to pay that price when I knew I could feed 10 people that same meal for $30. So, as soon as I got home I went to work re-creating that fabulous dish and was thrilled when my version tasted even better than Christophers…and, for MUCH less the price. If you want a fancy, yet simple, dish for your next special occasion, this is the one for you! Pretty much this lemon cream sauce would be great on anything…breaded halibut, salmon, pasta, a grilled steak, over vegetables, etc. I hope you enjoy 😉

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