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Lemon Curd Pancakes w/ Lemon Syrup

By June 8, 2013No Comments

I have to admit I am loving my new Blendtec I got for Mother’s Day much more than I thought I would. The fact I can whip together a batch of blender pancakes in less than five minutes makes our crazy morning routines go more smoothly. The kids leave to school happy and full, and I go back to my kitchen with one blender to clean, not a sink full. Lovely I tell ya! In the Blendtec cookbook is where I found this delicious recipe for Lemon Curd Pancakes. I tweaked the recipe a little bit to give these pancakes a little more fluffy texture. I also added whole wheat flour and love the added protein from the cottage cheese. It helps fill the kids up and keep them satisfied longer. If you don’t have a Blendtec, that’s okay! Just half this recipe in your regular blender and it will work great. Serve these pancakes with some delicious syrups for an extra special breakfast 🙂


[buymeapie-recipe id=’514′] 

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