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Orange Bunny Buns

By April 20, 2011No Comments

I was reading through a magazine the other night and found an Easter idea that brought back so many memories. I remember making these bunny buns with my mom when I was a little girl. As soon as I saw this recipe I knew I would have to make these before Easter had come and gone.

I love Easter traditions! Of course, like every other holiday with my family, there is always lots of great fun and food. One of our favorite traditions is having a family Easter egg hunt with all of the cousins. We have so many little cousins, it is a riot to watch how excited they get when they find the eggs filled with candy. We always have the scavenger hunt on Saturday morning and then end the event with a delicious breakfast. We usually have our Stuffed French Toast with Butter Syrup, fresh fruit, sausage, hash browns, eggs, orange juice…you get the idea. Either way, it is a fun tradition because it then leaves all of our religious traditions for Easter Sunday (I am one of those mean mom’s that don’t believe in the Easter Bunny–cruel, I know) Either way, this is a special and wonderful holiday and I hope your family has as much fun making these Bunny Buns as we did this week. They are great as dessert or as a sweet roll for breakfast. Also, if I think these would be darling as the dinner roll for Easter dinner. Just use the recipe on our blog for Lion House Rolls or Dinner Crescent Rolls and roll into the bunny shape–how cute and fun!

(You need to use your imagination with some of the children’s bunnies 😉
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