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Orange Gingersnap Brownies

By December 20, 2011No Comments



I don’t know how this is possible, but late last night I was craving a holiday treat of some kind. We have had desserts and treats coming out our ears, but for some reason last night I decided to make, yet another, treat! I figured the new year will come soon enough and I will have to resist those urges. So..I combined a few different recipes and came up with these amazing Gingersnap Brownies. I love orange and after these amazing cookies I decided to infuse these brownies with orange flavor. If you are like my sister and hate anything with orange flavoring, you can keep the orange out of this recipe. They would be delicious with or without the orange. Either way, their smooth, buttery texture is absolutely divine! They are not overly strong on ginger or chocolate, just perfectly subtle. I find myself reaching for another piece to figure out the different layers of flavor. Hope you enjoy them as we did. Happy holiday baking! Four more days and counting 😉

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