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Orange Maple Pancakes

By December 22, 2012No Comments
Wow! I am sorry to leave my blog on such a sad note with the day of silence. It kind of turned into a week of silence over here on my blog. This time of year seems to fly by so quickly that I often am an awful blogger and have to put some things on the back burner to just survive these past couple of weeks. I do have several amazing recipes though in my files from the past week that I will be sharing with you these next few days before Christmas. Many of you have probably abandoned ship since I have been m.i.a. for the past week, but feel free to check back and I promise I will share some more holiday favorite recipes and several of our favorite family traditions! I hope you are all having a Merry Christmas and enjoying spending this time of year with family and friends.
Now, to these amazing pancakes. Many of you have raved about the Orange Pancakes I blogged about  earlier this year, and these pancakes are just as delicious but have an extra twist of maple flavor which makes them really fun.  The syrup is very simple to make, but the added orange zest and juice gives everything an extra fresh and sweet flavor your family is sure to love! If you need a new breakfast recipe for your upcoming holiday brunches (or dinner), this recipe is simple, quick and full of flavor.
[buymeapie-recipe id=’599′]

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