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Before orange season ends, I wanted to share some delicious new, orange recipes with you. I bought a case from a youth in our neighborhood for a fundraiser and they were the most beautiful, huge, sweet oranges you’ve ever seen. We have been in orange heaven around here and I couldn’t help but come up with some new, delicious orange recipes. What is there not to love about a simple, poppyseed muffin? How about a poppyseed muffin with an orange twist? Let me tell you, the combo is perfect! We made one batch of 24 muffins and immediately turned around and made another batch. The kids ate them up so quickly. I added some wheat flour for a little healthier twist, along with using pureed white beans in place of half of the butter to cut down on the fat. I also used chia seeds instead of poppyseeds to add a few more vitamins and minerals 😉 All together, these muffins were fairly healthy and the perfect after school snack.
Not to mention, nearly all of the ingredients for these muffins are on sale this week: flour, sugar, oranges, milk sour cream, etc. Login to Deals to Meals to see how much you can save this week on your groceries!


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