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Peanut Butter Cookies & Annual Taste Test

By February 20, 2014No Comments

If you have read my blog for awhile you would be familiar with our family’s tradition of our annual taste tests. All of us look forward to this fun part of our trips. This year we were excited to finally figure out which brand makes the best peanut butter. My husband and my brother in law are borderline fanatical about peanut butter and chocolate. These past weeks together I don’t know that a day has gone by that they haven’t splurged on some sort of pb & chocolate treat. We had such a fun time trying and tasting 9 different peanut butter options we could find at the local CA Winco. I am sure there are other brands, but these were the ones we compared: JIF regular, JIF natural, Skippy regular, fresh ground peanut butter, Winco store brand, Planters, Laura Scudder, Adam’s, and Western Family.

We were shocked once again at the findings. Just like in years past when the no-name brand Oreo came out the winner compared to the Nabisco brand, this year we had another no-name surprise. There were two close winners but the Winco store brand peanut butter was the winner!! We all were shocked and had thought for sure it was going to be a name brand winner. Second place came in at Skippy and third the JIF Natural PB. Last place was of course the freshly made peanut butter. It was flavorless and had an awful texture. Not counting that ‘given’ for last place was Adam’s PB. It had the worst after taste and it was fun to watch everyone’s reactions when they tried it. I would love to know what your favorite peanut butter is? I went into the taste test as a Skippy gal and that was my personal favorite–however, the Winco brand was definetly my second choice. So..if Skippy is not on sale, I will be stocking up on Winco Peanut Butter for sure 😉

After figuring out what the best peanut butter is we knew we needed to make up a yummy peanut butter treat and these cookies were just the thing we were craving! I love my Peanut Butter Blossom cookie recipe I posted about a couple years ago. However, my sisters recipe for these PB cookies is now going to replace my go-to PB cookie recipe. These cookies were soft and moist and not crumbly at all (which can be a problem with peanut butter cookies. This recipe is a perfect, delightful way to use the peanut butter in your storage 😉


[buymeapie-recipe id=’367′] 

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