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Orange Spiced Ginger Cookie

By September 24, 2011No Comments

I know in the world of food bloggers it is totally ‘uncool’ to re-post about someone else’s recipes. However, there are times when it is necessary to post a recipe that is so good the entire world needs to know about it. These Orange Spiced Ginger Cookies are probably the VERY BEST cookie that has ever graced my taste buds. I really am a sucker for a homemade cookie of any kind! However, add the elements of chocolate combined with gooey-ness and I am in love! These cookies have the most unique and intense flavor, while at the same time they have a smooth and soft texture unlike any ginger snap I have ever had. It is, as they say, a party in your mouth. The orange, fresh ginger, molasses, white chocolate is all mixed together into a fall treat your friends and family are sure to love!!

I had these cookies at book club last night where 7 adult women were ooing and awing about how amazing these cookies were. We all took a few home for the next day, but all but one of mine, made there way to my stomach before I went to bed. This morning I relished my last cookie for breakfast and was so devastated it was gone. I quickly decided I MUST make a batch of them for myself today (okay..I shared a few with the rest of the family). Needless to say, you know a recipe is amazing when I can’t even wait a few hours to post about it. I felt this cookie would be the best introduction to the fall season. Thank you good ol’ Paula Deen for my new found favorite ginger cookie recipe. Bring on the Christmas season!

[buymeapie-recipe id=’676′]

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