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Fluffy & Soft Sugar Cookies

By February 13, 2014No Comments

Last month one of my awesome neighbors called me and asked for my absolute best sugar cookie recipe and I was very embarrassed to admit that I didn’t really have a great one.  I have a few in my recipe binder that I use every now and then, but truth be known I am always slightly disappointed with the result. After scouring pinterest for all of the “perfect sugar cookie” recipes I realized most of them weren’t much different then the ones I already had.  So what is a perfect sugar cookie?  In my perfect world a sugar cookie would be have to be super soft, but not brittle and it would have to hold its shape when using cookie cutters.  It would also be sweet enough to be eaten without frosting but not too sweet and above all the cookie dough must taste good!  I know there are some crazy folk out there that love a crisp and crunchy sugar cookie, if you are one of those people this recipe is not for you!  After three batches and a few trips to the store, alas! A fantastic, easy to make soft and chewy…scrumptious Sugar cookie!

[buymeapie-recipe id=’369′] 

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