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Raspberry White Chocolate Cupcakes

By September 26, 2012No Comments
Every so often a special celebration calls for extra special treats. My mom turned 58 a few weeks past and as I wished her happy birthday I asked, “What cake would you like tonight?” and her answer was, “I always like white cake with raspberry filling.” So with that in mind I started to get creative. I poured over several white cake and raspberry recipes in cook books, blogs and family favorites. Let’s just say that I took a very simple request over the top. During the process I thought for sure cupcakes would be easier than a beautiful layer cake…but I was wrong! Half way through creating these beauties I was concerned. But as time past each step made this cupcake FABULOUS! Again, this is for extra special events…so keep that in mind as you read over the long and lengthy recipe. Read below and I’ll give you a few more tips…
My mother was 100% pleased with this heavenly creation. Happy Birthday Mom!!

So to take this to the level of a fabulous cupcake, I decided to inject each cupcake with the raspberry sauce and  white chocolate mixture. I recently had a sick little baby and the pharmacy gave us several of these medicine syringes. It wasn’t until my husband came home and said, “Why don’t you use one of these!” Let’s just say it was the perfect amount for each cupcake…And really easy to use.
Just make sure you push it down further than you expect because if you don’t it will ooze out the top instead of staying in place.


Start with the raspberry filling then the white chocolate mousse. I just shifted the syringe slightly to the other side as I injected the second item in.  Who knew a handy little object could bring such joy to every single bite of these cupcakes. YUM! Then just frost with the raspberry frosting, grate a few pieces of white chocolate on top and…then you have perfection! Enjoy.



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