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Salted Nut Roll Bars

By October 10, 2013No Comments

Is it just me or do you feel like in the month of October you eat more candy and treats than any other time of the year? I don’t have super cute Halloween treat recipes for you this month, but I do have a treat that I would take any day over a candybar or Halloween dessert. I love marshmallows. I love them in pretty much anything. However, combine a sweet marshmallow with a buttery, salty nut and you have a combination I am in love with. My sweet neighbor brings me these Salted Nut Rolls anytime she makes them and I can’t get enough. They are soft, chewy and have the salty-sweet flavors that I love. If you are wanting a new and fun treat this time of year, this recipe is a ten in my books!

[buymeapie-recipe id=’434′] 

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