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Perfect Buttercream Frosting

By October 16, 2013No Comments

People that know me well are aware of the fact that I have the tendency to get obsessive about some things. Last month I needed to make 200 funfetti cupcakes for a wedding and the cute couple wanted a simple buttercream frosting.  Easy Peasy, Right?  Well not if you have OCD and decide that not one of your buttercream frosting recipes is something to absolutely rave over.  I decided to make it my temporary life mission to figure out the secret to perfect buttercream.  Over a span of 5 weeks, I made about about 9 batches of buttercream with pretty much the same ingredients but only playing around with the ingredients to get the perfect texture.  About 5 extra pounds on my hips later, I did it!  Here it is in it’s simple glory.  Perfect Buttercream!!

[buymeapie-recipe id=’431′] 


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