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Sticky Cream Cheese Buffalo Dip

By December 30, 2013No Comments

Last the BEST of all the gang!! I have been waiting for over 6 months to post this recipe and I think today is the special day. Ever since my friend Amber introduced me to this addictingly-scary-amazing-appetizer my life has never been the same–and neither have our family parties. My family loves this recipe so much my Dad said (after trying his first bite), “Alright…all I have to say is this dip MUST be at every family event from here on out!” Pretty much every gathering where we have appetizers or any sort of ‘fun food’ this dip shows up. Just beware, this dip has a magical ability to disappear before the party even starts. You may want to make two batches because it is frustrating how fast it goes once people find out how good it is. Now, I know it’s not much to look at but you have to trust me on this one. I literally had to scrape out the last of the dip out of a 9×13 and that is why in this picture it’s in a bowl. However, you generally serve it out of  a 9×13 pan and it looks a little nicer 😉 Serve it with vegetables to be healthy or good ol’ tortilla chips. I promise this will be the HIT of your upcoming New Year’s Eve, New Years Day or Superbowl parties!! Hope you love it 😉

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