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Cranberry Salsa & Cranberry Butter

By November 20, 2011No Comments

Do you need something new and fun to make for your Thanksgiving or holiday parties? These two cranberries are some of my favorite quick side dish/appetizer recipes I love to bring to our family get togethers. The cranberry salsa is a sweet and spicy appetizer that your guests are sure to love! The only problem with this dip is it is super addicting. This would be a great item to have on the table or counter while everyone is getting ready to sit down to dinner. The leftover cranberry salsa I have also had with leftover turkey, in a wrap or on a sandwich. It is good no matter how you eat it!

[buymeapie-recipe id=’649′]I have a weakness–I am addicted to butter! I love butter in any recipe, any time, anywhere and pretty much over anything. If you add sugar and flavor to butter, I am even more in love. This Cranberry Butter is a close second to my all-time favorite specialty butter (Cinnamon Butter). These two butter’s are a must-have at our Thanksgiving table. With fresh rolls right out of the oven, who can resist a sweet butter spread..I could count this as dessert. It’s almost better than pumpkin pie!

[buymeapie-recipe id=’650′]

Still debating which rolls to make for Thanksgiving? Here are my two all time favorite roll recipes: Lion House Rolls & Dinner Crescent Rolls

There’s that Cinnamon Butter again. I’m drooling! Try these Dinner Crescent Rolls, they are soft, flaky and pretty all rolled up.

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