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 What is more American than potato salad at a bbq? There are very few family get togethers in the summer that someone doesn’t bring a big bowl of awesome potato salad. Our family knows it is completely taboo to bring a tub of store bought potato salad. Potato salad is one thing that you can not skimp on, or you might as well not bring it to a party. No offense to anyone who likes store bought potato salad. However, if you want a salad that has every taste and flavor that a traditional potato salad should, this is the recipe for you! I happen to be one of those people that think anything sweet does not belong in a potato salad. The thought of Miracle Whip or sweet relish in potato salad makes me want to gag. I want my salad to be salty, savory and full of dill pickle and tangy goodness. The secret to keeping this potato salad moist (another pet-peeve of mine with potato salad) is the sour cream and the dill pickle juice. The combination of the two along with a good helping of Best Foods Mayo (of course only the good stuff) makes a combination your family will do flips over! If you want to bring the world’s best potato salad (in my humble opinion) to your next get together, look no further. This recipe is the one for you 🙂

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