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Black Bean Chocolate Cupcakes and Peanut Butter Frosting

By March 8, 2011No Comments

Would it be a surprise to you if I told you I was really excited to post about this recipe? I am sure you are stunned that I could hardly wait to post about a cupcake that is made with beans? What kind of a cook have I turned into? I think I am officially one of those ‘crazy’ food storage ladies! I know there will be those of you that read this recipe and think to yourself, ‘alright..she has gone a little too far’ Well, that may be the case, but you will just have to put this recipe to the test before you place your judgment. I hope I haven’t let you down thus far, so you should be able to trust me 🙂 These cupcakes were everything I had hoped they would be–chocolaty, moist, soft, high in fiber, and healthier than the average cupcake (NO oil–that’s awesome!).

So, onto my recipe for these Black Bean Chocolate Cupcakes. Now, the original recipe I found said that all you need is one can of black beans and one chocolate cake mix. I have yet to try just these two items (why settle for anything but the best), so my version is a little less food storage friendly, but much better tasting I am sure. (If any of you have tried the 2 ingredient chocolate cake, let me know how it turns out).

I decided to soop up my cupcakes a little bit with a few additional ingredients. This will now be my go-to recipe when using a boxed cake mix–delicious! (My husband even said..’Wow! I think this is the best cupcake I have ever had’–now..that could be because they were peanut butter and chocolate, but either way..he was naive to the fact they were made with beans 🙂

One added benefit to making these cupcakes with beans is they turned out so pretty and tall. They were by far the prettiest cupcake I have ever baked–sometimes my cupcakes tend to be a little flat 🙁 One more reason to bake with beans. (I am thinking next time I will experiment with white beans in a yellow or white cake mix and then pinto beans in a carrot or spice cake–I will let you know how they turn out)

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