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Copy Cat Blue Lemon’s Balsamic Chicken Panini

By October 17, 2014No Comments

We have a friend who I love dearly. She is one of the most healthy, fit people I know. I always knew she was on a different ‘health level’ than we when she was telling me her ‘guilty pleasure’ one day was to puree fresh blueberries in apple juice. Now don’t get me wrong, I am sure that is a delightful drink but I can guarantee that would not curb any of my late night sweet cravings 😉 Emily is also the one who proclaimed after a ladies lunch..”Oh, I am in the mood for a truffle”. Who eats a truffle as dessert? We have never let her live that down and recently went to a birthday lunch with her and afterwards razzed her that we need to go get her a ‘truffle’ for her birthday. I am all about the big piece of brownie, drizzled with caramel and ice cream on my birthday 😉 Granted, her chick food and healthy food choices definetly do her well in the waistline category (which I could use some help on! Ha). So, the reason I bring this up is the other day for her lunch she wanted us all to go to Blue Lemon. This place is chick-food at it’s best. I hate going out to eat and leaving feeling still hungry. However, I have to give them that their food is high quality, their portions are just small.

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For the lunch I ordered Blue Lemons Balsamic Chicken Panini. It was good but I knew I could go home and ramp up the flavor quite a bit. I was pleased that the next night I made this for dinner and it was outstanding! I even ate the balsamic chicken and grilled onions as a carb free meal and it was delicious! I could totally see this also being great over pasta (kind of like our Balsamic Chicken Pasta dish I love). Either way, if you want a flavorful, quick panini that is unlike any you’ve ever had, this one was fabulous…chick food and all 😉 Love you Em!!

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