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What better way to start the week off than with a pot of creamy chowder, packed with lots of healthy vegetables and exploding with flavor? We have a local restaurant that my sisters and I love to go to. It’s kind of a ‘chick place’ according to our husbands, so we take full advantage and go there as often as we can. This place (Zuppa’s) has the most amazing selection of soups. Every time I go I try and force myself to try a new soup. Even though I have my favorites, I always want to try their new flavors and get some inspiration for new recipes.

The other day we were celebrating my sisters birthday and I tried their Garden Chowder. Who knew that a bowl of vegetables in a cream sauce could be so fantastic! I am not one who likes things with a lack of flavor, and I was shocked when this soup had so much flavor, you didn’t even miss the fact there was not meat. I knew this was going to be a soup I had to recreate at home and I was so pleased that the finished product tasted nearly identical to the one at Zuppa’s. Now, I would always take a clean kitchen and a night out with girlfriends, but on a cold, winter night, this soup is exactly what my soul needs! Hope you enjoy 🙂

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