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Creamy Garden Pasta & Garden Updates

By July 20, 2011No Comments

Garden season is in full swing. I know you are going to get sick of me saying I love my square foot gardens, but I REALLY do! I am shocked that things are actually growing. In fact, our new problem is over crowding. When I planted our seeds I had a hard time believing anything would grow and so I planted a few extra plants here and there, and planted two seeds for every one I was supposed to. I was used to everything dieing on me so I thought I needed a ‘back up’ seed. Was I wrong! We have cauliflower plants growing on top of cucumbers, tomato plants taking over the garden, and potatoes all over our watermelon. Lesson learned! When you have good soil, only plant what the book tells you to plant 😉(Our 4 1/2 ft. tomato plants that are taking over our garden!)

So..what is growing? I was excited today to pick a few zucchinis, white onions, green onions, snap peas, beets, and cauliflower. For those experienced gardeners, what did I do wrong with my cauliflower? It is yellow and ugly! It started out so white and pretty and now it is yellow. I picked it (maybe that was bad and it just wasn’t ripe), or maybe I did something wrong. I would love any suggestions.

Tonight for dinner I decided to make a Garden Pasta of sorts. I was excited to use all of the veggies from the garden and see what I could come up with. I used one of my favorite quick methods for making alfredo sauce that I am excited to share. Instead of dealing with a roux of butter and flour, all you need to use is cream cheese, chicken broth and some Parmesan cheese. The three together make the most perfect, fail proof, alfredo sauce you will ever have. This dish comes together very quickly (less than 30 minutes) and you cook the entire sauce in one large pan–I love less dishes!

I also used Augason Farmschicken bouillon that I LOVE and couldn’t live without. Remember, that is our food storage focus of the month so stock up your food storage so you can inexpensively season your food (a can of broth is .03 compared to $1–fabulous!!) I hope you enjoy this recipe!

[buymeapie-recipe id=’870′]

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