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Summer Chicken Chili

By January 17, 2010No Comments

There are nearly 100 ways you can make taco soup, but this version is definitely my favorite! I like the ground beef taco soup okay, but this chicken chili is not only healthier, but I believe tastes even better. The other aspect of this soup that makes it different than other recipes is the vegetables in this soup. During the summer I throw any vegetable I can find into this soup–zucchini from the garden, yellow squash, fresh tomatoes, peppers, onions, etc. Garden vegetables make this soup even better, but ones from the store also do the trick. My favorite vegetables to add are bell peppers (any color works great), zucchini (and yellow squash if you can find it), onions, and green chiles. I also play around with this recipe and add some more seasoning, double to beans (I like more beans in my soup–plus, it makes the recipe stretch further), and as many canned/diced tomatoes as you would like. This recipe is very flexible and can be adapted to any families needs (vegetarian also works great). Top this soup with fat free sour cream, juice of a lime, a little cheese, and you have a healthy and delicious meal. (For those familiar with Weight Watchers, this recipe is VERY low in fat and high in fiber-only 3-4 points for an entire bowl!) It is the New Year right…we have to worry about things like that-ugh!

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