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Double Chocolate Snickerdoodles

By March 22, 2013No Comments

The other day I was over at my sisters house and I was searching her house for a treat. Do you ever have those moments when you want something sweet and you are pretty much happy to eat anything you can find? I couldn’t find anything worth eating in her pantry and then she reluctantly told me there was a plate of cookies on top of her fridge that her neighbor had brought over. She said they were Snickerdoodles, which at first didn’t tempt me, until I saw the chocolate chips in it. A chocolate chip in a Snickerdoodle? What a novel idea! Why hadn’t I thought of that before. I do love a freshly made, warm Snickerdoodle, but even these 2 day old cookies on the fridge were fantastic! I decided I better just go home and make a new batch to see just how good they could be right out of the oven. Oh boy, were they good! I even used our white bean trick and used half white beans instead of one of the sticks of butter and I also added one cup of wheat flour. You would never know they were half the fat and were still totally delicious!

If you are new to cinnamon chocolate chips, you MUST give them a try! Hershey’s makes them and they are super fun and great in any cookie, sweet breads and even in bread pudding. A couple weeks ago I was at Walmart  and they had boxes of them for only .75 each bag. Score!! I bought a box and now wish I had bought more for these cookies ;( Watch for chocolate chips to go on sale again around Mother’s Day and Easter. Or, just go to Winco, they generally have great everyday-low prices on chocolate chips 😉 Happy baking!

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