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Easter 2016 Family Updates and Traditions

By March 29, 2016No Comments

I hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend! We had a great time enjoying some of our family’s favorite traditions and spending time in sunny St. George with our extended family. It was great to get away while the kids were out of school and have some quality family time. And of course, eat some delicious food while we were at it 😉

Our Easter traditions are broken up into what our kids call the “Easter Bunny Traditions” and the “Jesus Easter Traditions“. The Saturday before Easter is when we do our family’s easter egg hunts and family parties. We had an extra fun time playing in our brother and sister in laws pool and having the kids dive for Easter eggs (the teenagers love the new addition of money eggs). Todd and his brother always go WAY over the top with candy, but the kids sure love it, so I guess I’ll keep my mouth shut about that 😉

Sunday is my favorite part of Easter where we have a nice Seder (okay, a Mormon-ized version anyway) and we get to talk about the significance of Christ and his life. This time we had this dinner on my sisters farm which was so fun. The kids loved sitting out on a blanket as we talked about the different meanings of the items of food and shared different stories of Jesus. We then went inside for our ‘Passover Feast’ with some Chipotle Chicken (supposed to be lamb ;), Rice Pilaf, Naan Bread, Ham, and you can’t forget He is Risen Rolls. It was a lovely dinner and such a great time with family. And who can forget our Rainbow Bread. This was a highlight for all of the kids. (Hey, have you checked out our YouTube video where I show you exactly how to make this bread? It’s really fun–check it out!).

Check back tomorrow when I share the amazing recipes for some of our favorite Easter dishes we had this past week. All of these recipes will be great to try this spring. Thanks friends and have a great day!

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