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Best Ever Cheesy {Funeral} Potatoes

By March 30, 2016No Comments

Now, I’m not sure if Cheesy Funeral Potatoes are a Utah, Mormon thing, but I have to admit I’m a big fan! There is something about eating some delicious spiral ham with the cheesy, salty goodness of these potatoes. They really make a great side dish to any meat recipe you might be whipping up in your kitchen. Serve these potatoes with marinated chicken, a turkey, ham or any other recipe-or add some cubed ham into these potatoes and voila! You have a super quick meal. No matter how you choose to serve these cheesy potatoes you are going to love them!

And yes, if you are unfortunate enough to have to bring food to a funeral any time soon, please use this recipe. I have had my fair share of bad potato casseroles in my day, and there is no reason we all need to suffer–it is a funeral after all 😉 Let’s at least make the food taste good, right? 😉

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