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Jalapeno Pepper Jelly

By August 27, 2013No Comments

I know Jalapeno Jelly recipes are going viral all over pintrest and seems to be the new craze. I have to say I think I was one of the first to blog about this delicious creation. I found a recipe over three years ago and posted about how I can several jars of this each year. Jalapeno Pepper Jelly is seriously a staple in my fridge. I serve this jelly on turkey sandwiches, over cream cheese with crackers, on my Asian food, in Pad Thai, and have even had it on toast. If you are new to making pepper jelly I would like to re-introduce you to my recipe. I don’t can my jelly any more because I am a little too busy these days, so mine is a freezer version and for the rate we go through this stuff, I am glad I don’t go to the effort to can it. However, you could easily can it if you would prefer.

Now, before you begin making this jam you will need several red peppers. Watch for these to go on sale on our website. Whenever they go on sale for around .79 or under, I will make sure and whip up a batch of this jelly. A couple weeks ago red peppers were on sale for .25 each. If that’s the case, make sure and stock up so you can have a year supply of this goodness. Once you make it and try it, you will surly be addicted like I am!

[buymeapie-recipe id=’462′] 

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