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Cornflake Muffins

By July 9, 2010No Comments

Do you ever buy cereal that you know darn well your children won’t eat, but it is such a good deal you buy it anyway? Knowing my addiction to getting a good deal, it shouldn’t surprise you that I bought 10 boxes of Corn Flakes (.99 a box, how do you not?) I can’t say I blame my children for not wanting this soggy and tasteless cereal for breakfast, but what do I do with my 10 boxes?? Other than the random corn flake topping on Funeral Potatoes, I was not going through these cereal’s fast enough. Until.. I remembered a recipe I had for Corn Flake Muffins. This recipe has saved the day and has made for a great after school snack or a quick morning breakfast. Every ingredient in these muffins can be found in your food storage and is a recipe to keep in your ‘food storage’ files. Enjoy!

[buymeapie-recipe id=’758′] 

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