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One of our most popular recipes on our blog is for our favorite Cornbread Cake recipe. This cornbread recipe is hands-down the BEST cornbread recipe around. It is the perfect combination of sweet, salty, buttery and moist. I love to make our traditional recipe and use 1/2 white bean puree and 1/2 the butter to make a little healthier twist to this bread. If you have not made this cornbread recipe, you need to try it! Hey, if you want to be extra healthy you can even add half wheat flour to this recipe. Serve with warm honey or honey butter and I could eat a plate of this cornbread for a meal.


Since I should probably eat more than just cornbread for dinner, I love to serve this Game Day Stew with that recipe. The saltiness of the stew and the warm, sweet cornbread is a perfect combination to me for winter. I have even been known to put pieces of my cornbread into my stew as I eat it (gross I know!), but I love the combination so much it saves me a step. My kids think I’m weird, but that’s okay.

Now, thi

s stew is not my original recipe. This Game Day Stew was actually introduced to me from my neighbor Karen who brought it to me after I had one of my many children. Since then, it has always remained one of my favorite soups to make in the winter. She claimed this recipe came from the BYU football coach Lavelle Edwards. I am not sure who came up with it, but I love that it is simple, quick and a great way to use up your leftover beef roast from a precious dinner. Now, I know this recipe has canned cream of mushroom soup and so some that is a major turn off. However, for the ease of this recipe and the great salty taste, this is one recipe I just ignore the health label on the back of the can, and enjoy! 🙂

Game Day Stew

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