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Graduation Treats & Gift Ideas

By May 31, 2019December 13th, 2021No Comments

Can you believe it is the end of another school year? In many ways it feels like it just began. It’s always kind of sad thinking the kids are one year older and sad to see another school year end. We threw a graduation party for some youth in our area and I’m excited to share some of our favorite ideas and recipes with you. 

In the mean time, I enjoyed the past week prepping for a graduation party we threw for the youth in our church group. I searched the web and found some cute ideas for simple gifts and refreshments I thought I’d share with you. Hope you enjoy and congrats to all of the graduates in your life!

Graduation Hat Treats
Hostess Cupcake Graduation Hats
Graduation Pudding Cups
Graduation Pudding Parfaits

Pudding Parfaits–I made a batch of vanilla cook and serve pudding as well as chocolate. Crush Oreo cookies for the bottom and tops and place a layer in the bottom of a cup. Add a layer of the cooked and cooled vanilla pudding on top of the Oreo layer. Add a layer of the cooked chocolate pudding. Top with whipping cream, more Oreos and decorate with inexpensive graduation stickers you can get on Amazon.

Graduation Food Ideas
Don’t forget the vegetables—you’ll be surprised how even teenagers will gobble up a delicious veggie tray with dip.

President Monson Quote Eternal Life in Frame
Temple & quote picture Download. We just made photo copies of this quote at Walgreens and put in a dollar store frame. We wrote each youth a letter and gave them the bag of treats. They seemed to really love it 😉
Quote eternal life from President Monson

We also gave the youth these bags of candy bars with this saying. It was a simple and cute idea for the graduates. You could change the words to whatever you would like 😉

Candybar Graduation Image

Candybar Graduation Image

Youth Graduation Card Download
Graduation Party Ideas
My friend made these simple blocks with dowels that held up pictures of the graduates. We held the pictures on with clothes pins and it was so fun for the graduates to take their pictures when they went home. These blocks were 3 inches squares with a small dowel. You could make them any color you’d like and any size. Super simple and super fun!

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