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Holiday Favorite Recipes

By November 14, 2012No Comments

I can’t believe we have just over a week until Thanksgiving. Many of you are probably going to do a lot of your Thanksgiving shopping this weekend so I wanted to make sure and highlight a few of our favorite Thanksgiving recipes. We are pretty picky when it comes to our Thanksgiving feast. We insist on the same recipes every year (why mess with perfection, right?). So, here are a few of our favorite recipes that will sure be gracing our table for Thanksgiving 🙂

If you want ALL of our Thanksgiving recipes, you will want to login to our website and get this week’s meal planner which is our special holiday edition. We have a 2 week meal plan for your convenience. You will have all of the recipes  you will need for this week, Thanksgiving week, as well as leftover ideas for the remaining weekend. With these recipes and our grocery list you will be able to plan for the next 2 weeks and sit back and enjoy the holiday weekend (and shop for REALLY fun things instead of groceries!).

Speaking of good deals. This week’s grocery deals are some of the BEST throughout the year. This week’s deals are like baking case lot sales to the extreme! Nearly EVERY baking item is on sale this week that you will want to add to your food storage for the upcoming year. These prices won’t be back until next year, so don’t let these sales go buy without you stocking up! Login to our website to find all of the hundred’s of red/great deals in your local area 😉

Perfect Pumpkin Pie & Pie Crust

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