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Homemade Hamburger Buns

By March 29, 2011No Comments

I can’t believe there are only two more days left in march–ahh! I still have several bean recipes I need to blog about :0) This month has been a riot for me to figure out how many different ways I can use the beans in my food storage in my everyday cooking. This new recipe is no exception. White Bean Hamburger that sounds weird even to me.

However..I have found that adding pureed/cooked white beans into any of my bread dough recipes works wonders! It makes the dough extra soft, extra healthy and extra pliable. This recipe is pretty basic for a homemade hamburger bun recipe, but with the added nutrients of having white beans in them. I (of course) had to add some wheat flour because I have a hard time eating breads that are all white flour. However, if you don’t have anxiety about white dough like I do (weird I know!), then by all means, use all white flour. I think your buns will end up being lighter and softer than my buns (that sounds funny!)

If you need fun recipe ideas for homemade hamburger or sandwich ideas, then look no further! These posts on my blog may conger us some ideas for you: Chicken BLT Sandwiches, Cajun Burgers, Stuffed Feta Burgers, and BBQ Pork Sandwiches. Who is excited for summer to be here? I sure am! The other night I was grilling burgers for dinner in the snow-ugh! However, these Mushroom Swiss Burgers with Balsamic Mayo were well worth the frozen fingers! Sounds fancy, but they were actually pretty easy to put together…I will blog about them soon 🙂

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