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KSL News Story: Saving Money on Rising Grocery Prices

By May 4, 2021December 9th, 2021No Comments

It was so much fun getting to visit with Ladd Egan from KSL 5 a couple weeks ago. I am ALWAYS happy to share simple tips to help families save money on their groceries. I wish they could have used more clips from our 1 hour interview, but hopefully you can glean some information from this few minute segment. Here are a few tips in review.



1-Don’t grocery shop without a plan. Use a company like ours (, or take the time to come up with your own shopping list and game plan before you go shopping.

2-Know what your families food budget is and try and keep it to $100 per person a month (or less)

3-Only shop at warehouse stores once a month (they are too easy to spend extra money on things you don’t need–plus, just because it’s sold in bulk does NOT mean it’s a good deal)

4-Limit store pick up grocery trips. I know it’s convenient, but most times the prices of the groceries are increased and you can’t take advantage of the ‘lost leader’ items and best deals.

5-Don’t use prepackaged, mailed, meal plans. They will double or triple the price of a meal and aren’t worth their convenience. Use a company like Deals to Meals to learn how to meal plan around the best priced items each week.

6-Know where to shop and what to buy. Just because a store says an item is ‘on sale’, it generally isn’t and could be bought for less else where. Use a company like Deals to Meals to help you know which items each week are worth purchasing at their ‘rock bottom’ prices. We compare the weekly grocery ad sales to Costco, Walmart and Sam’s Club. When an item is lower per ounce than you could get at these stores, it’s a ‘RED/STOCK UP DEAL”. These are the items that can save you 30-70% on your groceries.

7-Stock up when items are on sale for great prices. Don’t just buy one item when it’s on sale for a great price. Stock up and add extra to your pantry and food storage. Having extra food items in your pantry will help you from having to pay full price on groceries when an item is not on sale.

8-Stock your freezer on meats when they go on sale. Keep a portion fo your freezer empty to stock up on meat, cheese, butter and other expensive items when they go on sale for great prices.

9-Plan your meal plan around those meat and produce items on sale each week. Produce and meat are the most expensive parts of your meal plan. Planning your meals around these best sale prices will help save you $100’s each week!

10-Learn to cook from scratch. It’s tempting to buy ‘extra’ items like prepackaged snacks, meals, treats, etc. It’s also tempting to eat out when you are unsure of what to cook. However, not only are these items and trips to McDonalds, not healthy for your family, but they will ruin any food budget. Learn to cook from scratch and eat homemade, healthy snacks and meals from your own kitchen. We have thousands of recipes on our blog to help you learn how to make DELICIOUS meals that are restaurant quality without the fuss.

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