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Oatmeal Raisin Cookies with Brown Butter Glaze

By June 16, 2013No Comments
Earlier this week Ellen posted an amazing Carrot Cake recipe that reminds her of her Dad and her childhood memories. Today I wanted to share a recipe that I have made for my Dad for years, that is his requested birthday and Father’s Day treat. If you love chocolate like I do, you will be pleasantly surprised how much you will adore these oatmeal cookies, over a good ol’ chocolate chip cookie. The browned butter frosting on top of these soft, buttery cookies is totally fantastic! The frosting has a carameley-sweet goodness that goes great with the oatmeal and raisins. These oatmeal cookies are great on their own, but with the frosting they are over the top! If the man in your life is looking for a new cookie to love, this is the one for him!


[buymeapie-recipe id=’508′] 


Now, how could I let Father’s Day go by without telling my Dad how much I love him? I really feel so grateful to have such an amazing Dad. he was the father of four girls, born in five short years and somehow survived a house full of hormones, emotions, boy-craziness, many tears and everything girly. Not only did he survive, but he passed with flying colors. He has become one of our greatest friends. He has supported all of us girls in everything we have ever done and has been such a great example to all of us.


There are many things I love and appreciate about my Dad. However, today I want to thank him for teaching me the value of hard work. In a society of children feeling entitled, I am thankful he took the harder route and taught us that literally nothing in life is free. In fact, I grew up thinking my family struggled with money. It wasn’t until I was older that I realized my Dad was a very successful business man who didn’t ever hurt for money. I’m glad however, that he made us feel like things were tight. He lived such a frugal and provident life style. He taught us that material things and financial wealth isn’t what brings happiness. Although he could buy pretty much whatever material goods he wanted he chose to live in a humble, simple life. Because of his financial frugality he was able to retire at the age of 45. Now that Todd and I are creeping closer to that age I realize what an amazing feat that was! He taught us from a young age the importance of saving money. When we got our first job when we were 12 years old (we had to buy our own shampoo remember?!), he would help us divide up our earnings into 10% to the Lord, 10% to savings (for retirement–I think I was one of the few teenagers saving for retirement. It drove me crazy then, but now am very grateful). When I went away to college it was so great to have money set aside for all of the big dreams I had.

So, thank you Dad for doing the hard things. For not giving in to my every whim. For making me mew the lawn or vacuum out the car when I needed a few bucks. For not spoiling me, and for taking the time to teach me the principle that hard work brings success. Many of my successes from Deals to Meals I attribute to my parents.They taught me how to live a frugal, smart life. I feel it a blessing now to try and teach others these same lessons by helping them learn to make their money stretch, and that financial and temporal self reliance brings tremendous peace of mind. Thanks Dad, you’re the best!

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