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Orange Cupcakes with Milk Chocolate Orange Frosting

By April 18, 2016No Comments

I know I am totally on an orange kick lately, but I keep buying these boxes of oranges from our friend, and I can’t seem to get enough! I find myself searching the internet for delicious orange recipes and can’t help but play around in the kitchen. Should I be cleaning my toilets or scrubbing my baseboards? Probably..ugh! But, the procrastinator in me ends up baking in the kitchen instead. Yes, I have a problem 😉 However, there is something about a sweet, moist, orange cupcake with some fluffy, orange infused chocolate frosting that just makes me happy. My cute nephew broke his arm and requested a cupcake to help him feel better–how do you say no to that? These cupcakes were a Caleb creation and I have to say they were pretty amazing. If you want a new, fun cupcake combination, you can’t go wrong with orange and chocolate. Hope you enjoy 😉


[buymeapie-recipe id=’59’]

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