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Peanut Butter Frosting & Birthday Cakes

By July 19, 2013No Comments
 (Good thing he is so stinking cute–it makes up for an ugly cake 🙂
Life is funny, isn’t it? When will I learn that if you throw judgement out to the world you will eventually have to eat your words. In this case, it’s birthday cake I’ll be eating 🙂 This is awful, but I used to look at people who made a quick birthday cake (from a box) for their children and inwardly mock them (just a little 🙂 that they couldn’t whip out a fancy, decorated, cute and fun birthday cake. As a kid I always wanted a fancy cake and I always got a boxed cake. I swore when I had kids I would take the time to make a nice, elaborate birthday cake for them. Well, for 10 years and nearly 45 birthday cakes later I have become the person I mocked. I don’t know what it is about life but I can barely get a boxed cake put together for my children’s birthdays. I feel badly that our cute three year old has had the worlds lamest birthday cakes in his short legged life. No Winnie the Pooh cake, no Buzz Lightyear, no Cars 2 birthday cake. Just some delicious peanut butter frosting all over a boxed chocolate cake. Now, it may not look great, but I do have to admit this cake is a family favorite and the combination of peanut butter and chocolate is incredible (especially if you are a chocolate peanut butter lover like myself!). 

(M&M’s in the shape of a number–oh boy, my lack of creativity is astounding 🙂

June is the end of our birthday streak of four birthday’s in our family and nearly 10 other extended family’s birthdays. From May 2nd until now we have had so many birthday parties we can hardly count. I have eaten my fare share of cakes these past weeks and although my children’s cakes this year were nothing special to look at, they sure did taste good! I thought I would share with you my Grandma’s favorite peanut butter frosting recipe. If you are new to peanut butter frosting, you are going to love it! Make it for your next birthday party and hopefully your family will know you love them, despite the lack of piped decorations on their cake 🙂

(I wasn’t sad at all when my daughter chose Chocolate Caramel Cake as her cake of choice–another one of my favorites!)


(Mint brownies were the choice for my daughters 13th birthday–who doesn’t love brownies?!?)
[buymeapie-recipe id=’487′]

Here are some more delicious birthday cake recipes to choose from 🙂

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