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Perfectly Peach Waffles with Peach Syrup

By September 7, 2015No Comments

We are all about peaches over here at our house lately. It seems the peach season seems to sneak up on me every year. I have had big, beautiful peaches falling from our tree for several weeks now and I finally decided to bottle them yesterday. Why does that never sound fun? I’m not sure if it’s the sticky mess it creates, or the fact your feet hurt after standing for hours and hours. Whatever it is, I always know it’s worth it once I see those beautiful peach bottles filled to the brim with beautiful peach slices. I guess it’s just like in life. Anything worthwhile, takes a little extra effort and care, right?

Well, today I thought I would share with you some of my favorite peach recipes. We have been making several of these recipes the past couple weeks and they are delicious! Last night I was up to my eyeballs in peaches, so I decided to come up with a waffle recipe that was infused with lots of peach flavor. I love pureeing fruit and adding it to cakes and batters. It’s a great way to cut down on the fat in recipes and give your dishes a little extra pop of flavor. These waffles have pureed peaches in them and then they are topped with homemade peach syrup. It was an appropriate dinner for our peach extravaganza yesterday 😉 Happy peach days!

*If you don’t have a peach tree, that’s okay! Peaches are on sale nearly everywhere this week, so go buy a bunch and spend some cold, fall days in the kitchen 😉 Just login to our website to see the best deals in your area.

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